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Making classical music fun for everyone.

“Music has been the center of my life for as long as I can remember. I believe that it is one of the most precious gifts that mankind has been given. It transcends culture, time, religion, race and social boundaries. It tells of history, nature, people, places and events. It incorporates every known human emotion, speaks the unspeakable, and builds a bridge from the earthly to the sublime. It inspires beauty and desire and has a power to unite people because it speaks to the common ground of all mankind, namely the soul.” - Katie Mahan

The KATIE MAHAN HOUR was created in October 2020 by the award-winning concert pianist Katie Mahan as a platform where music lovers everywhere can come together to discover the beauty of classical music and enjoy the magic of a traditional classical concert experience in a congenial and informal setting. Designed to open classical music to a wider audience by fostering a more direct connection between the performer and listener, the platform strives to make classical music more approachable by allowing the listener to simply have fun experiencing the music in all its glory - all in the comfort of one's own home! 


The idea behind The KATIE MAHAN HOUR developed as a reaction to the devastating effect of COVID-19 on artistic activities for performing artists around the world. Culture and the arts are the pillars of civilization - like language, they are essential as a spring for human development, are necessary to intellectual life, and have a measurable impact on the economy and overall wellbeing - and when live artistic activities cannot take place, people everywhere are deprived of the cultural threads that physically bring us together as a world and allow us to reach beyond the confines of daily life to create or experience artistic achievements which illuminate and enrich our emotional world. Musicians and music lovers across the globe have had to adjust to these difficult times, and although life will certainly return to a kind of normal, certain changes are bound to remain, principally the increased demand for virtual music performances. 

Inspired by the love of music and a passion to keep the music alive during and post COVID-19, The KATIE MAHAN HOUR presents two features: Katie's original DRESSED TO PLAY interactive virtual concert series, and her informative and enlightening extras on treff.klassik.


The DRESSED TO PLAY series seeks to bring people of all ages and locations together for the simple enjoyment of music and togetherness. The series' name was inspired by the frequently debated question of whether the formality of classical concert tradition, specifically with regards to venue and concert dress, enhances or hinders the modern audience's willingness to engage in and enjoy classical music. Is there a place for such century old formality in today's modern world? Should performers still dress up to play? DRESSED TO PLAY is designed to break down traditional negative stereotypes and allow the listener to join in the classical concert experience and indulge in such aspects of its formality in a fun and un-intimidating way while enjoying an up-close and personal connection to the performer. Performance venues are carefully selected to give the audience a glimpse into timeless concert settings where the composers themselves might have presented their music. The concert gowns in which Katie appears are designed for her by the American couturier BOBETTE - Inspired by Music. All gowns are hand made. Materials, colors and styles are inspired by the character and mood of a given musical program or concert setting and, like the selected performance venues, are intended to enhance the audience's visual perception of the total classical experience.

On treff.klassik Katie takes you behind the scenes with fun and insightful extras about the music, interviews with special guests, visits to interesting places and more. Hosted by Katie with interviews filmed and co-directed by Salzburg native Sarah Lublasser, the program aims to bring the audience closer to the music and allow them to gain interesting insights into the composers' world and their music. 

Musical performances are recorded live for The KATIE MAHAN HOUR and the purchase of a ticket not only grants you access to the selected interactive virtual concert and after concert Cocktail Party on Zoom, but entitles you to receive your own personal download copy of the concert to own forever! DRESSED TO PLAY events are regularly scheduled and offered in various timezones. Concert performance duration is approximately one hour, not including intermission; after-concert Cocktail Party duration is determined by the guests. To simulate the live concert experience, audiences are invited to bring their own beverage to the Cocktail Party to enjoy a toast (remotely) with Katie and/or her musical guests and ask questions about the program. At certain events, a bartender will be in attendance for the party and will lead the guests in mixing a special drink in honor of the evening! Ticket price for all events is 25 USD/22 EUR (incl. full access to the event and download of your own personal copy of the concert), unless otherwise indicated. One ticket allows an entire household to enjoy the concert together.

We look forward to welcoming you here on The KATIE MAHAN HOUR and to sharing many wonderful musical moments and fun times among friends!

Katie Mahan

Host & Artistic Director


Award-winning pianist Katie Mahan has performed in over 20 countries across 5 continents, capturing the attention of audiences throughout the world for her innovative musical personality, poetic interpretations, and elegant stage presence. Praised by pianist Lang Lang as “a fabulous pianist...full of emotion and originality”, she has performed in such halls as the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Prinzregenten Theatre in Munich, Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, Stiftung Mozarteum in Salzburg, and the Smetana Hall in Prague, and has collaborated with such celebrated conductors as Jiri Belohlavek, Marin Alsop, Grant Cooper, and Lawrence Leighton-Smith, among others. Katie’s greatest pianistic influence came from her studies with the celebrated French pianist Pascal Rogé, and she has performed with orchestras including the Prague Philharmonia, Colorado Symphony, West Virginia Symphony, Cheyenne Symphony, Colorado Springs Philharmonic, Boulder Philharmonic, and Wiener Residenz Orchestra, et al. Her latest recording releases appear on Deutsche Grammophon and the Steinway & Sons label, and have been featured by Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines on flights all over the world. 


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